Enjoy "Shirasagi no Mai" White Heron Parade & unique Secrets of Sumida tour!



Let's explore the precincts of Tokyo's world famous Senso-ji temple & enjoy fascinating "secrets" of Asakusa & hidden treasures of the nearby Sumida river area on the annual Japanese 🎌 Culture Day (Bunka no Hi)!
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Did you know that Senso-ji is the world's #1 tourist destination? More than 7 million people visit the beautiful temple each year!
Do you know the curious Tanuki temple, or the story of Nezumi-kozo, who's known as the Japanese Robin Hood? Did you know there's a shrine famed for cats & matchmaking? We'll share the lore with you!
Imado-jinja, a Shinto shrine is an ancient, but little known place in Asakusa: "The shrine’s origins go back to the 11th century when a great samurai warrior called Minamoto no Yoshiie visited the area. Yoshiie came here in 1063 & again in 1081 to celebrate his victories in battle. Yoshiie prayed here giving thanks to Hachiman, the god of war."
Today, the shrine is dedicated to three gods: Izanagi, Izanami, Fukurokuju & also the deified Emperor Ojin. Izanagi & Izanami are the first married couple in Shinto mythology. In the Japanese creation story, they are the mother & father of the Japanese islands! Fukurokuju is one of the Seven Lucky Gods & people pray to him for happiness, wealth & a long life.
According to local legend, the famous beckoning cats, "Maneki-neko" originated in Imado! The story is, an old woman living there was so poor that she could not feed her pet cat & was forced to let it go. That night the cat appeared to the lady in a dream & spoke to her, saying, “If you make dolls in my image, I will bring you good fortune.” Following the cat’s instructions, the old woman had cat figurines made from Imado-yaki pottery ware & went to a shrine to sell them at the gates. The pottery cats quickly became very popular, so the old woman was saved from poverty!
After Imado shrine, we'll walk East across the Sakurabashi river-bridge to visit several wonderful traditional Japanese sweet-shops, famous for Odango & Sakuramochi!
Oishii sakuramochi originated at this famous shop where in springtime, many dozens of people wait in line to get the cherry-blossom flavored treats!
We'll visit gorgeous Chinese-style Kofuku-ji temple, then stroll down to fascinating, somewhat spooky, Shinto Mimeguri-jinja, (patronized by the wealthy Mitsui family), then, among other places, we'll go to the beautiful park-side Ushijima-jinja, home to an unusual triple Tori arch & a legendary "petting cow", before crossing back over the river to Asakusa to finish near where we started.
MEETING POINT: We'll Meet-up on the corner of the Asakusa Culture and Tourism Center: (the amazing building which looks like several houses piled up) which is right across the street from the Police Koban at Kaminarimon Gate, quite near the Asakusa Metro station: Just a few steps from Asakusa Station, served by the Ginza Subway Line, Asakusa Subway Line and Tobu Railways.
See here: https://images.adsttc.com/media/images/5018/b6fa/28ba/0d5d/5d00/05a3/newsletter/stringio.jpg?1414093482
MAP: https://goo.gl/maps/5mCZT8speBUhZJJd9
From Tokyo Station: Take the JR Yamanote Line (http://www.japan-guide.com/e/e2370.html) to Kanda Station (2 minutes) and transfer to the Ginza Subway Line for Asakusa (10 minutes).
From Shinjuku Station: Take the orange JR Chuo Line (http://www.japan-guide.com/e/e2372.html) to Kanda Station (10 minutes) and transfer to the Ginza Subway Line for Asakusa (10 minutes).
NOTE: The Temple festival is FREE, but we work hard to plan interesting events and to guide you to the best places, so please give generously!
(Suggested: Students, Seniors or unemployed:¥1000-2000, others, pay from ¥3000-5000. Your choice!)
KIDS ARE WELCOME & free to join with a parent!
This is a non-smoking meetup. If you must smoke, please do so only in proper smoking areas.
Your comments and suggestions for future meetups are always welcome!
Thanks! Your Meetup organizer, Kerry 🌞🎌😃







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